Carpet Cleaning — The Facts

Your Carpet Is Crying For Help!

90% of your time is spent indoors. Clean & Dry can help you keep your indoor air as clean as possible. How?
By removing pollens, bacteria and contaminants from your carpet.

Here’s Why

Fact One: Sand is scratching your carpet. Each day I pull pounds and pounds of sandy soil out of the base of your neighbour’s carpets. It’s in yours too! Spread the yarns apart and look deep. It’s grinding your expensive yarns into worthless fibres that fill up your vacuum bag. Every moment you wait, your carpet wears out faster!

Fact Two: How do the traffic lanes feel? Oily residues from the street and air are drying to your carpet. Slightly sticky they grab dirt and lock it on. Soils bond with the carpet through a process called “Oxidation”, causing colour change and becoming permanently attached. If you wait too long, you are throwing away the key to unlocking dirt and oil from traffic lanes. The longer you wait between cleanings, the more soil permanently damages your carpet. Clean before traffic lanes show up!

Fact Three: Is the air starting to smell stale? Pollutants in the air are filtered through your carpet. The carpet traps them so you don’t have to breathe them over and over. What happens when that trap gets full? Your family starts breathing dust mites, debris, dander, pollens, pollutants, fungus and mould spores, bacteria, chemicals, scores of known (and unknown) carcinogens, and a long list of other really gross stuff. Once your carpet’s natural filtering ability gets full, it’s time for a thorough cleaning for your health’s sake.

All The Facts:
Clean and breathe easier. The facts are, clean every 6 to 8 months, before traffic lanes begin to appear. Your carpets will last longer, look better, and protect your health. You will breathe easier.

Call our office and Request A FREE Carpet & Upholstery Audit

During the audit we will examine your furnishings, find out some history about it and then we will give you a “prescription” that we can follow to increase your furnishings life and health. With our expertise in this field, we can provide you with many useful tips.

“The Most Thorough Carpet Cleaning Ever, Or It’s FREE!”

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